Keith Urban’s TikTok Video Of Bo Burnham And Phoebe Bridgers Cuddling At The Eras Tour Has Sparked Dating Rumors

Phoebe Bridgers

Bo Burnham and Phoebe Bridgers, a rumored couple, may have spent a date night at the recent stop of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

The comedian, 32, and the “Motion Sickness” singer-songwriter were seen making out around the VIP arena at Lincoln Field. Country music artist Keith Urban was there to film their PDA.

Might Bo Burnham And Phoebe Bridgers Be The New “Lovers”?

With his partner Nicole Kidman, Urban, 55, went to Taylor’s concert. He uploaded a TikTok video of the duo jamming to “Style” writing the comment that they loved TS. Burnham and Bridgers were seen interacting behind them, with Burnham occasionally bringing the singer near. At some Eras Tour performances, Phoebe Bridgers and many of her bandmates have served as Swift’s opening act. Bridgers has also appeared on stage with Swift multiple times during their collaborative song “Nothing New”.

Burnham and she have been associated ever since they were spotted strolling in LAX together in January. Later, Phoebe Bridgers disclosed that the incident at the airport had turned into a painful experience for her since she had been severely bullied by multiple people who claimed to admire her. She expressed in a rather lengthy statement that she felt the horror in her veins even as she narrated the incident of when she had been attacked by people who claimed to love her or her work and had their profile photos with her picture and stuff. These people had attacked her while she was returning from her father’s funeral. She further added that dehumanizing and degrading a person at the lowest time of their lives was not at all acceptable.

Although Phoebe Bridgers has not spoken about the possible reason behind the bullying, it has been assumed that her breakup with Paul Mascal might be one of them.