Noel Gallagher Bloodied After Being Accidently Headbutted

noel gallagher

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher needed stitches after he was felled by an accidental headbutt from Ruben Dias’s father as Manchester City players and fans celebrated their English Premier League in the final match of the league.

Even as fans exploded in joy after a tense league with Liverpool breathing down their necks until the final game, Noel Gallagher found himself drenched in blood following the third goal by Ilkay Gundogan against Villa, which took City to their 6th Premier League title.

The iconic guitarist said that there was absolute bedlam inside the stadium. Ruben Dias’ family was behind him, two boxes up. As he jumped about like an ‘idiot,’ and passed his so around like a trophy, everyone kept lifting him.

As he turned around in the crowd, Ruben Dias’ father ran into him and their heads clashed. Noel Gallagher ended up on the ground. He rues that he missed the final two minutes and had to be taken by ambulance for treatment.

Noel Gallagher Rues Missing The Last Two Minutes Of The Game

Gallagher ran into Guardiola as he left the stadium. He didn’t want to bother Pep during his moment in the sun. Noel Gallagher said that Pep asked him about his condition and the City manager to be with his players. He said that it looked like he had just returned from a game at Elland Road in the eighties when the rivalry between Manchester United and Leeds United led to many injuries.

Gundogan, the German midfielder, turned out to be the difference as his two goals made the difference. Manchester City was behind with goals from Philippe Coutinho and Matty Cash. The title appeared to be slipping from their hands before Gundogan and Rodri turned the game and the championship on its head with three goals in a little over 5 minutes.