Wish Of North Dakota To Double Its $3 Billion Worth Of Crypto Mining

North Dakota
North Dakota

The government officials of North Dakota went to the Bitcoin conference 2022 which was held in Miami to attract more miners of cryptocurrency to their side. The officials came with the motto of providing the customers with one of the cleanest cryptocurrencies in the entire world. The Commerce Department of North Dakota planned to drop $35,000 on the trip with an expectation of a return of approximately 20,000% by their presence at the Bitcoin Conference 2022. 

North Dakota Is Trying To Attract More Crypto Mining Companies

The department declared that security of $3 billion has been secured by the state regarding the investment of cryptocurrency and the officials are very close to getting another $3 billion valuations of projects. North Dakota has decided to end its dependability on oil and agriculture and rather invest in crypto companies interested in mining to be established in the state of the Upper Midwest. 

There is no such possibility of funding or tax breaks because the state is depending on the natural assets. The state has dry and cold weather which will be a big help to cool down the mining rigs that will get overheated. Moreover, the possibility of mixing inexpensive electricity and the world providing the cleanest energy will attract many mining firms to change their location. 

In the U.S. the oil and gas fields experience huge wastage of natural gas that is burned off and produces a huge quantity of greenhouse gases. The miners are an increasing number trying to develop rigs that will use the by-product from the oil industry. Though this practice is not good for the environment, it gets block rewards and also a chance to auction the carbon credits. 

In the words of James Leiman, the commissioner of ND commerce, his wish is to place North Dakota to have the possession of the cleanest crypto in the world.