Paige Spiranac Slams Body Shamers

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is back to doing what she does best: posting workout videos. In one video posted to her Instagram story on Sunday, the 25-year-old athlete and social media star showed off some pull-ups while wearing an outfit that left little to the imagination.

The video caught the attention of both her fans and critics alike—but it was what happened next that really got things interesting. After seeing some of those comments from strangers, Spiranac decided it was time for her to speak up about why comments from strangers online can be so upsetting (even if they’re just body-shaming). 

Spiranac has long been a champion for body positivity. She is a champion for women in sports, she’s a champion for women who want to get fit and healthy, and she’s also just an overall good person.

The golfer and social media star is regularly asked about her athletic body and what it’s like being on the receiving end of so many comments about her appearance.

She says she gets “really upset” when people say that they can’t believe how much muscle she has because it’s a reminder that they think she looks masculine or not feminine enough. And then there are those who criticize how much weight she gained in order to become a better athlete.

Paige Spiranac Takes On Bodyshamers

But Paige Spiranac doesn’t let any of that get her down—and neither should anyone else. She says we should all realize that everyone has their own journey, and if yours isn’t like someone else’s, there’s nothing wrong with it or you for being different from them!

As a golfer, she says her accomplishments are often overlooked because people focus on her appearance. She also points out that it’s not just about looks—it’s about what you have to offer as an athlete and person. For Paige Spiranac, the comments from strangers cross the line into harsher criticisms when they start to question her character or ability as an athlete. “It hurts me because I’m so passionate about golf and showing my personality through social media,” she explains. “I want people to see how hard I’ve worked at my sport.”

If Paige Spiranac can’t find peace with herself, then how can anyone else? While she’s encouraged by those who support her (and offers no apologies for being herself), Paige knows that many still don’t understand why she chooses to wear revealing clothes while playing golf in front of cameras and crowds at tournaments around the world.