Paloma Faith Doesn’t Like Disney Encouraging Sacrificing Own Happiness

paloma faith

Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric and gives up on herself. This is a very degrading treatment in this generation. Paloma Faith wanted to teach her kids something more. Her message is very loud and strong. She didn’t despise acting or any of the actors whatsoever. However, she didn’t like the traditional concept of loving a man. Why would any woman give up on themselves just to please a man? This is Halle Bailey’s first film. She definitely nailed it, and so did Johna Hauer King.

There is no complaint against that. If this is how the world’s largest productions start to showcase their work. The new generation will never be able to raise their voices against wrong. They are being conditioned to accept the wrong.

Paloma Faith ‘Failed’ To Understand The Plot

After posting her feedback on Instagram stories. The post went viral and of course, bashing Paloma Faith.

She did praise Halle Bailey’s acting skills. She also mentioned how the cast is great. However, due to excessive mockery, she had to delete the post.

Many took the original post on Twitter. It was retweeted within seconds asking Paloma Faith if she was even aware of the original plot.

Did she even see the 1989 original The Little Mermaid?

Paloma Faith’s point was why would a woman give up on her voice to love a man? Someone mentioned this and quote Ariel giving up on her voice to become a human not to be loved by a prince.

The previous and original movie was a cartoon. This is the very first version of the actors involved.

Many criticized how she has other problems regarding something else. Her problem is not related to the movie whatsoever. 

In 2019 Paloma Faith posted how she badly wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up. Some critics did bring old posts in the picture mentioning her.