“America’s Got Talent” Premiere: A Moving Tribute to a Late Participant Wins the Golden Buzzer, Making History

America's Got Talent
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Season 18 of America’s Got Talent has officially premiered, and the program did not waste time to get to the memorable and poignant moments. On Tuesday night’s season opener, AGT awarded the very first Golden Buzzer, setting a series record. The award was given to the Mzansi Youth Choir, which is a team of South African singers who sang a moving performance of the song “It’s Okay” written by late America’s Got Talent season 16 performer Nightbirde. 

Mzansi Youth Choir founder and conductor Jannie Zaaiman tells the media that they had never expected such a huge and lovely welcome like that. They had hoped to go to another round but their team managed the whole thing with such composure and grace that it was a fantastic experience. He further added that he was incredibly proud of his team for their achievement.

Late Participant Nightbirdie Gets Heartfelt Homage On The Stage Of “America’s Got Talent”

Marczewski Jr., Jane Marczewski’s older brother, also told the media that it was simply amazing. He also said that America’s Got Talent did a fantastic job with Jane’s song, so much that the performance had moved him to tears. “They disproved my assumption that no one could perform Jane’s song on American Idol. “, concluded Jane’s brother. 

Nightbirde participated in the 16th season of America’s Got Talent in 2021. She informed the audience during her first round that she was diagnosed with cancer which had spread into her liver, spine as well as lungs. Adding that her chances of surviving were less than 2%. “I wish more people were aware of how fantastic two percent is.”, she’d said. That season, she won Simon Cowell’s infamous Golden Buzzer, which sent her right into the live performances as well as helping her narrative—and her music—go viral. But a few weeks later, she pulled out of the competition, saying on socials that she had gotten worse in terms of health and that she would not be able to compete. At the age of 31, she passed away in February last year.