‘RHONJ’: Melissa Claims Teresa Giudice Is At The Highest Point Of Being Delusional as They Contemplate Co-Existing As A Couple

Teresa Giudice
Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice

The RHONJ reunion season has begun, and on the first of the few episodes on Tuesday night, Teresa Giudice did not waste any time in attempting to permanently remove Melissa Gorga from the program. To which Melissa answered that it would not work since she had already tried that before. To this, Teresa Giudice shouted that things would be ending that night. Melissa replied further mocking her words asking if it would end because she will willingly exit.

Melissa said, shrugging her shoulders before the reunion presenter Andy Cohen that she had no idea about what Teresa Giudice was talking about. Teresa then said that she did not know how they were going to get along. After that, she said, “She’s going to be gone from my life.” Melissa responded to her sister-in-law’s rage with all but one word. “Sad,” she said. 

Teresa Giudice Continue To Bicker With Melissa Amid ‘RHONJ’ Reunion

Even Dolores Catania had had enough of Teresa and Melissa’s constant exhausting insulting of one another at the reunion. She said that the story was ancient to Danielle, who replied that she had been eager to visit Shake Shack. Even after their “silly” quarrel over the piece of information Margaret Josep had given of “arsenal”, Dolores was able to assist Rachel Fuda and Danielle in reaching a “truce” agreement. The subject of being able to “forgive and forget” then came up after a brief talk about Danielle’s companionship with her sibling (they still haven’t spoken, although she was scheduled to meet him after the reunion tape at her grandmother’s burial). 

Their argument continued as both Teresa and Melissa yelled at each other over multiple things. The blame game continued till Margaret Intervened between the two to bring in a new perspective.