Pamela Anderson Blessed With The Support From Her Sons

Pamela Anderson

After a post with the caption happiness is a choice by mother Pamela Anderson on Tuesday, sons Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee wrote in complete support of her. She has been receiving complete support from her sons. 

After the release of the album Baywatch on Instagram along with an image of Pamela smiling, the post was flooded with adorable comments from her sons in reply. Bradson who is now 26 years old, comments on Pamela’s positivity being inspiring and that he is proud of his mother. He further expresses his happiness on witnessing the world being aware of the real personality of his mother. Similarly, Dylan who is now 25, comments on her being the real Pamela unapologetically and that he loves her which was followed by an emoji of a white heart.

Pamela Anderson Enjoys Family Support Throughout All Her Releases

After Love, Pamela which is a memoir, released last month and Pamela, A Love Story, which is a documentary, produced by Brandon brings the family closer. In the documentary premiere on January 30, Pamela Anderson talks to PEOPLE where she opened up about how traveling back in time played an essential role in narrating her story.

She further told PEOPLE that walking through her past did get her emotional but going back to the bitter-sweet memories was her choice and also to relive them. Pamela Anderson says that going back in time was the only motivation that helped her complete her book. With each chapter of her book, she re-lived each chapter of her life and felt those past memories that were difficult. On seeing the complete result- Pamela Anderson’s book at the premiere was moving for Brandon and Dylan too. 

Pamela further says that Brandon was a little more emotional upon seeing the complete book on which he had been working for a couple of years. She says that she understands the project was a long task and being a mother she never wanted to put any burden on her child just like any other mother. However, she concludes with a happy note on this project being not only a fun activity but also a project with innumerable memories and emotions attached to it.