A Panera Customer Realized The Lemonade Contains More Caffeine Than Four Espressos, Went Viral


Recently a TikTok user has shared a video after she got surprised finding out that Panera lemonade has more caffeine in it than 4 espressos. The video went viral almost instantly.

TikTok user Sarah Baus has been a Panera customer apparently for a long time, and it was just recently when she realized that her first lemonade refill makes her too much amped for the day as it contains 260mgs of caffeine.

To put that into context, she said that an espresso coffee will only contain 63mgs of caffeine which is almost four times less than her morning lemonade.

She said that the normal size of the Panera contains sugar of eighty-two grams. But keeping that aside, she revealed that it has two-sixty mgs of caffeine being surprised. She said an espresso has only 63mgs of it. She said that as she is not a fan of coffee, she used to think her caffeine intake is low.

Panera Customer Surprised Upon Realizing Caffeine Intake Through lemonade:

According to Panera’s site, the beverage has 390 mgs of caffeine in a big 30 fl. oz. serving and 260 mgs inside the regular size, which is as the site says, has the same amount of caffeine as their Dark Roast style coffee. However, Sarah  Baus revealed that she likes to have 4 or 5 of them during a typical work day, taking advantage of the complimentary refills while performing her work-from-home obligations inside a Panera.

The TikToker remembers when she first learned about the caffeine content of the spiked lemonade. Baus was using the Panera drive-thru with her hubby, a type one diabetic. In an attempt to regulate his sugar levels, he looked at the contents, and they quickly learned how much caffeine she consumed daily.