Paris Hilton And Her New Book: Uncomfortable Truth

paris hilton

Paris Hilton’s new memoir was recently released. The memoir has some uncomfortable truths about her life. The truth is making her parents and everyone involved unhappy. People prefer sugar-coated lies to the bitter truth. Her parents have read so much portion of the book. Even thinking about it makes her worry about how she is going to face them. It was hard for both parties to read it and know about it.

Paris Hilton Let Her Vulnerability Take Control In The Memoir

The memoir is filled with a lot of uncomfortable encounters in Paris Hilton’s life. That covers up almost major vulnerabilities of her life. From her affair with a teacher in middle school to her adult life mistakes.

Paris Hilton told Andy Cohen in his show that the memoir has so much. Things she has never talked about before. It was hard for her parents to digest all the things she has written. All those traumas, mistakes, and good things she put into the memories using words only. The hardest part for her was definitely finding the correct words to put her emotions and feelings. Sometimes often get lost while looking for the correct type of words to convey what was actually going on in her head.

Paris Hilton was once in a relationship with Rick Salomon who forced her to videotape their private moment. She was not comfortable with that and kept denying it. She was looking for excuses to escape the moment perhaps. Paris Hilton also explained her first abortion. The incident happened in a boarding school with a teacher. After so many, she has come to the realization that it was sexual abuse.

She has been through some traumatic experiences without anyone by her side. Now she is married to the love of her life, who is not there to take advantage. Carter Reum, Paris Hilton’s husband.Whom she talked about in her book and gushed about how lucky she is. Motherhood is the most magical feeling in the whole world and Paris loves it despite all the difficulties.