Pete Davidson Opens Up About How SNL Made Him Feel Like A Loser

Pete Davidson

Due to tabloid coverage of Pete Davidson’s numerous personal affairs, late-night comedians and sketch comedy programs frequently make fun of the “Saturday Night Live” alum. Davidson, who was on “SNL” for seven seasons until leaving the program in 2022, recently admitted to “The Walking Dead” and “The Punisher” actor Jon Bernthal on a podcast episode of Bernthal’s called “Real Ones” that he could tolerate all of the ridicule until it became too personal.

Pete Davidson Is Unhappy With SNL

According to Pete Davidson, “all of a sudden you are in this zeitgeist and it has nothing to do with the job.” And that is a truly unsettling sensation. Prior to the work, I gained greater notoriety, although I was constantly employed. I do not mind the humor. I understand the late-night humor. He experienced emotional distress when “Saturday Night Live” began making jokes about Davidson’s private life.

When you get made fun of on your own program, Davidson said. “I would be watching the cold open from the back, and it would be a topical, political comedy, or whatever was popular at the time. making fun of you after that. The show just made fun of you, therefore you have had to leave and do a skit after that. Why then will they laugh at you? They basically followed you around in front of everyone. “I am a fucking loser, guy,” you exclaim.

Although Pete Davidson and Michaels are working together on the upcoming Peacock comedy series “Bupkis,” there are no resentments between them. The comedy series, which Davidson co-created, is described as a “very dramatized version” of the comic’s life. He co-stars in the show with Joe Pesci and Edie Falco. On May 4, “Bupkis” premieres on Peacock.