Brian Gillis Of LFO Is The Third Member To Die From The Band

Brian Gillis

One of the main members of the 1990s group LFO, Brian Gillis, died last Wednesday. Brad Fischetti, Gillis’ former bandmate, put out this sad news through the official Facebook page of LFO on Thursday.

The frontman was in his late 40s when he perished on Wednesday. Fischetti wrote quite a beautiful tribute for Gillis, where he stated that every story was created out of chapters, and some of those chapters developed on their own. The first couple of chapters of LFO was all Gillis- and they lost their main character yesterday. The former band member also mentioned that he didn’t have all of the details regarding the death of Gillis, and he wouldn’t have shared it even if he did have the details. He was, after all, also trying to deal with the loss of his friend. 

Brian Gillis’ Death Has Hit Brad Fischetti Hard

Nevertheless, Fischetti did admit that his relationship with Brian Gillis was quite complex after he had left the boy band soon after it was created. Fischetti mentioned that the journey he shared with Brian had moments of both joy and tribulation, and he had learned a lot from Gillis about the music industry and how one was supposed to put out a show. He spoke about how important Gillis was to LFO- stating that if Gillis hadn’t spent all his time and dedication in transforming LFO into what it was today, this LFO wouldn’t have existed in the first place. 

The death of Brian Gillis marks the third loss for this group- as one of their original members, Rich Cronin, died in 2010- just a week before his 36th birthday after having a long battle with leukemia. The trio of Fischetti, Cronin, and Gillis had formed LFO which stood for Lyte Funkie Ones. After Gillis moved to a solo career, Devin Lima became a part of it. But in November 2018, Lima died of stage 4 adrenal cancer.