Pete Davidson Implored Kanye West To Stop Attacking Kim Kardashian: Said He Should Refrain From Making Personal Attacks

Chaney Jones
Chaney Jones

The war of words between Kanye West and Pete Davidson had just taken a turn for the worse with Pete Davidson, the Saturday Night Live taunting rapper Kanye West saying he was in bed with his wife after a blistering exchange of text messages.

Pete Davidson, who is dating reality star Kim Kardashian, implored the rapper to grow up as the rapper went through the contentious divorce proceeding with reality star Kim. This heated exchange was posted by Dave Sirus, the comedian, on Instagram. Pete Davidson asks West to grow the f**k up.

Kanye West Posted Clips Where He Was Ranting

The texts were revealed on the day Kanye West posted video clips where he is seen ranting about the issues of getting guardianship of his 4 children.

In one video Kanye West is seen ranting that there was nothing called fifty-fifty custody. The laws are all for the mother.

In the screenshot, West claimed that this former wife had not allowed their daughter North, 8, to attend several events. It included the release of Kanye West’s album, Donda 2 plus the musical performance Sunday Service, on that day.

Ye West also spoke of North getting an Instagram account despite his opposition to it. It is still not clear when Pete began messaging West but he had urged the rapper to calm down. Davidson wrote that Kim has been the best mother ever to the children and has been amazing. He said that West should consider himself lucky that his kids had got a mother like Kim.

Pete Davidson also warned West that in the future he would not allow him to treat her in the way he had done before.

Davidson also replied that he was in bed with West’s former wife when the latter asked him where he was. He also posted shirtless selfies that revealed the name of Kim written on his chest.