ITV Stands By Piers Morgan Following Twitter Allegations Of Bullying

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, who was recently engaged in a Twitter row with long-time industry campaigner and presenter, Adel Amini, currently faces an allegation of bullying. U.K.-based broadcaster ITV stands by Morgan following reports that accuse Piers Morgan of bullying on multiple occasions.

The Twitter spat that happened last week resulted in more than 1200 signatories from the Television industry in the UK voicing allegations against Morgan and his tendencies of bullying. The open letter was addressed to ITV requesting them to denounce Piers Morgan and rid their platform of any traces of bullying.

ITV Condemns Bullying But Stands By Piers Morgan

ITV was silent on the matter during the past week but they came out with a response to the allegations and the open letter this Monday, February 22nd. In the statement, ITV mentioned that the tweet in question with Amini was not related to the show “Life Stories” that is hosted by Piers Morgan.

The allegations put forward in social media platforms, therefore express personal opinions with which ITV refuses to intervene. The statement goes on to say that it is “widely understood” that Morgan is a long-time user of social media where he is known to engage in heated debates and robust exchanges when the “criticism is leveled against him”.

ITV further mentions that tweets and comments are personal choices that have little to do with ITV. They clarify that Piers Morgan is a freelance host whose social media output is not the concern of platforms like ITV. To make their stand clear, they reiterated that any form of bullying is not acceptable on ITV and they will work together with their colleagues to eradicate any signs of it from the television industry if such situations arise.