Ex-Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Calls Pedro Pascal’s Tweet Sharing Ted Cruz’s Number Not “Okay”

Pedro Pascal
Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal

Gina Carano has caught the attention of many but for all the wrong reasons lately. Carano was fired from the sets of Disney’s Star Wars after making transphobic and anti-Semitic posts on social media. The actor recently mentioned that she finds the tweet of Pedro Pascal sharing Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s number, not “okay”.

In a recent interview with Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator posted on February 21st, Gina Carano says, “I adore Pedro. I adore him”. But she goes on to say that posting someone’s number on social media is something that she doesn’t agree with.

Along with this, she also reminisces the time spent on the sets of The Mandalorian with co-star Pedro Pascal. She says in the interview that she doesn’t bear hard feelings for Pedro even though he has “said and done some hurtful things”.

No Hard Feelings Against Pedro, Says Gina Carano

In the interview, Gina Carano was referring to a tweet posted by Pascal on the 9th of January 2021. In that tweet, Pascal had written, “Ted Cruz’s phone number to share your thoughts”, followed by the office phone number of the GOP Senator. This was in reference to the 6th January Congressional announcement that would certify the election victory of Joe Biden.

Following Pascal’s tweet, he was accused of “doxing”. This suggests that he was condemned for making a private document publicly known to incite harm. However, these cases against him did not stand the ground because Ted Cruz’s official phone number was already part of the public domain. Regardless, some continued to accuse Pedro Pascal of harassment for political gains.

Gina Carano mentions that despite political differences, both the actors have come to an understanding where they can respect each other as humans and friends, if not as political opponents.