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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Twitter To Go For An Unprecedented Action Concerning Neera Tanden

The social media platform, Twitter, is, for the first time, about to delete the account of a cabinet nominee. The person in consideration is Neera Tanden. She is nominated by President Joe Biden to the office of the Director of Management and Budget. It is not a new thing for a nominee for the cabinet to not make it to the finish line. There have been several cases involving the withdrawal of the nominees owing to different issues.

Twitter Vs Tanden

The senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, gave a statement with regard to his support for Neera Tanden. He stated that he was withdrawing his support. The reason he gave was because of her activities over the social media platform, Twitter. Tanden had made posts that were derogatory towards the colleagues of Senator Manchin.

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The statement given by him poses a great threat to the nomination of Tanden. This is because the Democratic party does not have an influence over the American upper house. The total number of seats that the party holds is only 50.

What led to the potential downfall of President Biden’s nominee is her active presence on Twitter. There are a number of incidents that prove this fact. She once referred to Susan Collins, the senator, as “the worst”. She had involved herself with the arguments involving the liberals all over Twitter.

Neera Tanden did present an apology for her negative Twitter impression she has created over the years. This was done in the confirmation hearing. She stated that she had caused a lot of hurt to a lot of people over the social media platform. She continued by saying that he is not very proud of it. Tanden further added that she will change as she has learnt so much now.

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