Pinterest Creators Festival Announced By Pinterest to Bring Out Insights into Creating a Pin Presence

Pinterest Creators Festival panel

If you are wishing to find your online presence on Pinterest, a Pinterest Creators Festival is soon going to come to town. This event will have a whole range of speakers who are going to show you the ropes in creating an effective Pin presence. The official Pinterest account had previously mentioned how there were close to 400 million people checking Pinterest out to get inspiration. And this is exactly where creators would play a focal role. The content one created would inspire others to pick up on the same. And if the app could tap into it together, they would be able to have a huge community- one that told captivating tales, and turned inspirations into business solutions. 

What is the Pinterest Creators Festival?

The Pinterest Creators Festival is certainly going to feature both seasoned and internal experts, which would include Elaine Welteroth, Jaime Schmidt, Erica Chan Coffman, and Vimeo representative. The latter because Pinterest recently spoke about a new partnership with this video making app- something that would ease up video creation for Pinterest. The partnership with Vimeo could be something of worth, considering that Pinterest favors video more than any other modes. In the event you are looking to widen your presence on Pinterest, you should look up this video. 

How Far is Pinterest Going For a Community Following Other than the Pinterest Creators Festival?

Along with the Pinterest Creator Festival, Pinterest would also launch a Make the World Make initiative- something that is aimed towards highlighting top creators, whilst encouraging participation from the community. The main idea- filling up the internet with as many ideas as possible- be it thrilling, or courageous. Pinterest wants everyone to see the latest work that they are putting in, or simply joining in the festival. For there can never be too many ideas- everyone needs an idea for something or the other.

Someone might not know how to place their cutlery in a very specific way- all one has to do is go on Pinterest and check out various ways just to do that. And who can blame Pinterest for trying to be a bit boisterous in these depressing times? They are trying to spread creativity and positivity amongst their following, which could actually be something useful. 

If you think the Pinterest Creator Festival is something you would be interested in, do check it out. It would also be incredibly helpful to you if you were a marketer that is simply looking to create new ideas by understanding what Pinterest is all about. If interested, register for the event. And remember, you don’t need to travel anywhere- it is after all a digital event.