Post Car Accident, Dick van Dyke Updates His Health, Says, He Is Completely Sore

Dick van Dyke

After having recently survived a gruesome car accident, Dick van Dyke is hardly managing to survive. The legend from Mary Poppins had been reported to have a concussion along with a bloody mouth and nose post-car crash. 

When asked in a recent interview, the star replied that he was nearly fine however with a sore and aching body. He further explained that the seriousness of his injury might have been caused by the airbag which had failed to deploy, launching his face straight into his steering wheel, which in turn led to two small stitches and a bit of a numb feeling. 

However, the 95-year-old actor joked that he now feels quite okay, as compared to his friends who are all dead. 

Actor Dick van Dyke Healing Nicely After Horrible Car Crash In Malibu 

Dick van Dyke was said to have suffered small injuries followed by the accident where he crashed his vehicle into a certain entrance in Malibu, Calif on March 15, Wednesday. Authorities claim that Van Dyke was operating a 2018 Lexus, silver in color when it collided with the building. There has been unusually heavy rainfall in the area where the incident occurred. Dick van Dyke was attended to by paramedics on the site, according to the police, however, he had not been taken to the health center.

The celebrity was last spotted on television when he appeared in The Masked Singer’s season 9 debut around February. At the event, he even performed a rendition of the famous Frank Sinatra song, ‘When You’re Smiling”. Commenting further on his love for singing, the ‘Bye, Bye Birdie’ legend Dick van Dyke in one of his recent interviews, it was revealed how he and his 51-year-old wife often enjoy singing around their home. To keep up with the ritual, Dick van Dyke’s wife, Silver, even taught herself some of the legend’s favorite songs.