Shawn Johnson Reveals Her Children’s School Was On Lockdown At The Times Of Nashville Shooting

Shawn Johnson

Three adults and three children were killed in the Nashville shooting incident. Shawn Johnson said that the day has completely changed her.

The tragic shooting incident of a Nashville private elementary school, has affected Shawn Johnson who had two children attending a nearby school. Three children and three adults were killed in the shooting last Monday Morning at an elementary school in Nashville. A twenty-eight years old former student open fired inside the building as per the police.

Shawn Johnson, hours after the incident said that her two children were also in their school in a nearby location from the school where this incident happened. Shawn Johnson on her story wrote that she haven’t been able to catch a breath since reading about the incident in the news. She also got a call from her children’s school which made it worse for her.

Shawn Johnson Said Nashville Shooting Changed Her

She said that her two children has however came back to home to their family, and they are safe. She said that she felt blessed and lucky, but she also feels sad for those who had to face such horrific incident. She talked about the incident after it occurred.

She said that she saw countless police cars, children ambulances, children buses and parents on the street laying on their horns. She said that she saw people running in and out of the nearby church and the school to find their kids. She said that this experienced changed her completely.

When Shawn Johnson made her post, news confirmed deaths of three children and two adults. Since then it has been confirmed that three adults have died.