Post Malone Has Denied Substance Abuse

Post Malone

Post Malone is reinforcing the claim that he does not have any substance abuse issues- with fans continuing to question his sudden weight loss. The 27-year rapper put up a post on Instagram to talk about this from Antwerp, Belgium, where he began with “Hello everybody, I hope you’re having a great night”. After that, he spoke about how he was absolutely not doing any drugs. He posted this because there were a lot of people who had asked him about his weight loss, and performance on stage. Malone then went on to reassure his fans that he was absolutely having a lot of fun as he was performing on the Twelve Carat Tour- and had absolutely never felt healthier.

Post Malone Is Leading A Disciplined Life

Post Malone had previously announced in June that he had welcomed a baby daughter, and had decided to change his diet when he started living the life of a dad. He wrote that he had stopped consuming soda and had started eating loads better- so that he could be around for a longer period of time for his daughter. His next goal was to quit smoking and brews, but it would be done patiently. Malone further shared that he had a few new projects that he had been working on in the studio- and was quite excited to show it to his fans.  

Post Malone, whose song ‘Better Now’ received several raving reviews, also stated that he was hopeful of posting more on the social media site, considering how great a place he was in- and this was definitely the happiest he had ever been in a very long time. He also encouraged his fans to trust in people’s love, if they were feeling down, and to give their best in everything that they were doing.