Sunny Hostin Keeping Things Candid

sunny hostin

Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen brought Sunny Hostin and other ladies on the show. They keep them straight having fun. However, sometimes this show turns into someone’s worst nightmare.

Sunny is an American lawyer and a co-host of daytime show The View. It airs on the ABC network. She is often joined by Whoopi Goldberg. She shares a great bond with her. Rather a strong sisterly bond. They joke about almost the most embarrassing things. They aren’t even a little bit hesitant about it. They are well aware of cameras watching their every move. They make it hilarious. The audience would love it till they ran out of breath.

Sunny Hostin Ain’t Going To Jail For Exposing Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg has a reputation for doing something funny on the set. She makes fun of herself. She has a record of passing gas on set. When Andy Cohen asked who is the gassy one on set. Sunny Hostin didn’t hesitate to answer Whoopi Goldberg.

Perhaps she knows her too much. Whoopi Goldberg Herself says sometimes she pushes a little frog out of her. Her granddaughter is aware of her situation and has said the sounds Whoopi Goldberg makes go beyond the sets of The View.

Sunny Hostin did win the round of questions. 

Whoopi Goldberg’s original name is Caryn Johnson. She was named after being so gassy. She explained on the Graham Norton Show in 2017. Every time it comes out she acts like whoopie cushions. Therefore she became Whoopi Goldberg.

When Sunny Hostin mentioned her name. The host along with the audience and crew members laughed till they ran out of breath.

These incidents bring a lot of funny follow-up incidents that they were unable to stop. After a moment the whole set was laughing.