A Throne Worthy For The Legends As Whoopi Goldberg Shares Her GOT Inspired Loo

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg

Nothing beats an actual Iron throne as Whoopi Goldberg shares her new toilet renovation inspired by Game Of Thrones inside her dressing room.

Whoopi Goldberg Shows Us Her Majestic Iron Throne Toilet 

The Game of Thrones alumni Kate Harrington makes a surprise reveal on this Thursday’s episode on View, as her co-stars confess the 67-year-old EGOT-winning artist is hiding her iron throne toilet in the dressing room which was highly inspired by the popular books of George R.R Martin and HBO show.

The seat is also supposedly heated, says Sunny Hostin. Sara Haines co-host of the show trails off by saying ‘Alyssa aka Farah Griffin considers herself to be the biggest GOT fanatic whilst Whoopi Goldberg has THE IRON THRONE just casually sitting inside her dressing room’ the statement is followed up by a series of pictures revealing a peek into her modern styled bathroom with decorative sword display hanging above inspired by the thrones.

36-year-old Harrington couldn’t hold on to his laughter at the display of the image on screens behind him. Whoopi Golberg expressed her true love towards the HBO show to Harrington, explaining she did her best for as long as the Game of Thrones ran to get cast in The View, unfortunately, film schedules and other stuff came in the way of it. 

Goldberg shares further that this is the show that has remained her favorite ever since day one and remains on top of that list. The actor continues that whenever she feels like watching something funny she gets back here. It has been a great franchise and she’s truly thankful to everyone for doing it.