President Donald Trump Is Permanently Banned By Twitter


President Donald Trump has permanently lost access to his most favorite loudspeaker: Twitter. This is because, on Friday, Twitter has banned him forever.

Twitter was compelled to take such a bold action against President Donald Trump following the attack on the US Capitol Hill building in Washington D.C. on 6th January 2021, Wednesday. The riot took place after Trump instigated his supporters to attack the democracy of the United States.

Social Media Platforms Take Actions On President Donald Trump 

President Donald Trump has incited his supporters to wreak havoc at the US Capitol building due to the reason that he is unwilling to accept his loss at the US presidential election 2020.

A few days after the Capitol riots, on Friday, Twitter made a public statement stating that following a close examination of Trump’s recent tweets and their context, they have decided on permanently suspending his Twitter account. This step was taken in order to make sure that no further violent incidents take place owing to his incendiary tweets.

The ban was basically to put a stop to all the inflammatory statements that Trump has been making since he lost the elections. This had eventually led to a mob to break into the Capitol Senate building to disrupt the Congressional meeting. The meeting was held in order to certify Joe Biden as their President-elect.

Immediately after the attack, Twitter had banned his account for 12 hours for severe and continuous violation of the Civic Integrity Policy that has been noticed since the election results were out. Twitter further added that Trump has previously violated the rules of their platform and had been issued warnings.

Trump is also banned by several other social media platforms like Facebook.