US Capitol Attack’s Digital Evidence Demanded from Telco Companies and Social Media

US Capitol
US Capitol

Mark Warner is a Senator and a Democratic member of Virginia alongside the forthcoming Chair to a Committee of Senate Intelligence. He has deemed the US Capitol Building at Washington D.C as a crime scene.

The US Capitol Hall was attacked by the supporters of Donald Trump on the 6th of January, Wednesday. Countless rioters had broken inside the Senate building and wreaked havoc. This is the main reason that Warner has requested all the social media platforms and digital evidence to be preserved for the purpose of further investigation.

US Capitol As A Crime Scene

Mark Warner, a Senator, has personally requested the social media and phone carriers to keep all the evidence on the US Capitol riots intact since it is going to help them in the investigation process. The digital evidence is of utmost importance because the rioters can be identified, charged, and arrested on that basis.

On Saturday, Warner issued a statement whereby he stated that he had contacted and requested the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Signal, Parler, Google, Gab, Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to preserve all the digital evidence of the crime scene and that might possibly assist the process of arresting the people responsible for it.

He further added that all the law enforcement agencies of the United States including the FBI are presently investigating the scene of the crime at the US Capitol. As a result, the messaging information and other data from the rioters and enablers will help them fortify their case and bring justice to the US citizens.

On the other hand, Warner’s request does not hold the same value as the formal request made by law enforcement agencies.