Prince Harry’s Past Revealed By His Ex

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

The controversy revolving around Prince Harry doesn’t seem to stop. A few months back Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to stop the telecast of The Crown season 5, after Queen’s death. They were afraid it would show something, which would affect the Royals’ mental health and jeopardize their relationship with their families. And now this real housewife of d.c star Catherine Ommanney brought her past with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry’s Fling Called Him ‘Baby’

It’s not a piece of false information that Prince had many relationships, and all of them were invited to his wedding in 2018. Which made the headline of Prince a ‘kind ex’.Not only that, Prince’s past revealed itself. Catherine Ommanney is a mother of two and was a 34 years old divorcee at that time. Prince was 21 years old back then, as Catherine revealed her side of the story they met at an art bar in London, and immediately connected.

They had so much fun, she didn’t even feel like he was a prince. At least Prince Harry’s charm didn’t let her feel like an old lady, who is willing to do anything with him. She called him baby, he was so much younger than her and it didn’t come in between, they fancied each other. Catherine does reveal that if he was ten years older he would be her ‘perfect man’. 

Catherine Ommanney was in denial if Prince would ever mention her in his upcoming memoir ‘Spare’, is she trying to sabotage something or showcasing her score for following around with Prince? She even disclosed the passionate kiss she had with him. They went on dates but later stopped seeing each other due to media trolls. And Catherine describes her relationship with Prince as a ‘Fling’.