John Ritter Still In Remembrance Because Of His Goofball Nature Decades After His Passing Away

John Ritter

Barnes remembered John Ritter’s enduring wish to make people he was with on the set or otherwise, feel at ease as he supported John’s relatives and their efforts to keep his memory, nearly five decades after Three’s Company finished its run. While at the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health’s An Evening from the Heart fundraiser on Thursday, Barnes, 70, said in her interviews that John Ritter was an absolute goofball. 

The actress recalls Ritter’s enthusiastic, almost childlike attempts to sincerely welcome everyone in the production company of Three’s Company, even if they have been a newcomer or a regular like Priscilla, who became part of the ensemble as the spunky nurse named Terri in 6–8 seasons, or guest performer stopping by for weeks worth of work.

Priscilla Barnes Recalls Her Friend And Co-Star John Ritter For His Sense Of Humor 

She recalls when they had guest performers, he made them feel at ease. She opened up about John, who was also a good friend but passed away in 2003 at 54 from an undiagnosed aortic dissection. John Ritter was not the melancholy, ignore-me kind of an actor. Though he may have been grumpy off-camera, he wasn’t the same on it. He sincerely desired for everyone to perceive him as friendly. She laughed as she continued that he behaved like a third-grader who would do everything to catch a female’s eyes, humor her, or make her comfortable if they had a crush on her.

Barnes pointed out that John Ritter also made actors feel inspired to do new things and give the scripts their humorous twists. That way, she explained that one would get various sorts of personalities when they do different shows.