Richard Gere Remembers His ‘Rough Desperate Years’ In New York City Before Becoming Famous

Richard Gere

Since his breakthrough performance in the obscene 1980 movie “American Gigolo,” Richard Gere has become a household name, but at the beginning of his stay in NYC wasn’t exactly glamorous.

He remembered his early acting career he said that often his go-to food used to be eggs and for him eating out at restaurants wasn’t even a thing. Those, he revealed, had been a hopeless, challenging time.

Richard Gere Says That Nutritional Food Was A Necessity And Offered To Help Those In Need

Richard Gere further revealed, “I was struggling to survive throughout the 1970s as a performer just starting in my career. Although I was fortunate enough to have a job at the time, not many actors were earning any money. It was my first time performing on Broadway. Off-Broadway first, then away from Broadway is what I did.”

When Richard Gere was in a position for City Harvest’s 41st Anniversary Party at Cipriani, the star of “The Runaway Bride”, 73, spoke with us. As a performer at the time, Richard Gere continued that anyone living in NYC was unable to make money and that unfortunately being famished was a common practice. For many, especially performers beginning their careers in NYC, being famished was the norm. 

Adding that it was the only reason Richard Gere valued that institution that much, he remarked on the food bank City Harvest. Adding on to it, he said that in life food is always a necessity and several people in America don’t have access to it. Adding that everything would suddenly be so incredibly pricey. So whenever it came to helping people get a nutritious meal, he would be pleased to provide help. He considered it to be a fundamental human right. The dinner, which collected $5M for people in NY in need, was again hosted by Tyson Beckford.