Rihanna’s Attire Missed A Diamond Ring


At Met Gala 2023, Rihanna shocked everyone with her bridal wear. She entered the venue with A$AP Rocky hand in hand. Perhaps giving the world a hint of her upcoming wedding. She is currently expecting her second child with Rocky. 

However, no one has confirmed or commented on their wedding. Even if it’s taking place in the near future no one has any idea about it.

She has always been private about her future plans. Even when she was pregnant with her first child she announced it way later. Thus it’s hard to tell if their wedding is going to take place soon or not.

Rihanna With Her Head-Turning Dress

No one could’ve imagined Rihanna would dress up like a bride. She wore a Valentino signature dress. If it was someone else there could have been different types of rumors.

Rihanna had quite the show. It’s evident she had fun with Bridal Attire.

Rihanna wore a gorgeous white Valentino paired with $25 million worth of Cartier jewels. She was the last one to arrive at the gala.  With cushion red lipstick from her own beauty line Fenty Beauty. She wore the same red color to the Super Bowl. Where she was getting cold feet to perform after seven years. She was underconfident given her pregnancy.

Previously she has set the bar for the new mama to be’s. Her pregnancy photos took the internet by storm. This time perhaps Twitter crashed. Fans are confident Rihanna is getting married, or she is already married to A$AP Rocky already.

This year’s Met Gala was honoring Karl Lagerfeld. The theme was A Line of Beauty.

Riri and A$AP Rocky successfully nailed it. He wore a suit by Gucci. Paired with shimmering jeans and wore a kilt over it. He also wore many belts by Gucci. His black suit and Rihanna’s bridal look sparked the rumor. No one was expecting her in this attire.