Own Memoir Put Steven Tyler In An Undesirable Position

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Over five decades-long physical relations would bring so much trouble who would have thought? Definitely not Steven Tyler. As a musician, he had a long list of female followers. They got their attention at a significant point in their life. When they failed to do so. They try to bring shame on him.

Last December a woman named Julia Misley, formerly known as Julia Holcomb, pressed charges against Tyler. She accused Tyler of having an inappropriate relationship with her, which is more than a decade long. In her defense, she was a minor. And he was taking advantage of her.

An unnamed woman in his memoir which was published in 2011, is Julia Misley according to her accusations.

Steven Tyler’s Accuser Claimed His Former Girlfriend

His memoir’s unnamed woman is identified as Julia Misley. She also claimed she was Steven Tyler’s ex-girlfriend. This statement seemed highly suspicious to people and definitely to him.

She complained that a particular portion of the memoir is dedicated to her. She finds it extremely disturbing. It has disturbed her mental peace.

Steven Tyler filed a response recently against the accusations made against him.

His lawyer has spoken in front of the Los Angeles County superior court. He said via his attorneys that the woman has been capitalizing on Steven Tyler’s fame since the beginning.

She has asked for a huge ransom from him. In fact, threatened to expose more.

Whereas, there is no such proof whatsoever that the mentioned woman in the memoir is her.

In April Steven Tyler submitted a response to those accusations. Where he stated Julia Misley gave him consent for their relationship. When those incidents occurred Steven Tyler had legal guardianship of her.

These comments further gaslighted her trauma, which her lawyer accused her of.

Julia Misley became pregnant in 1975 with Steven Tyler’s child; he immediately asked her to abort.

He also has asked the court to dismiss the case with no such strong ground immediately.