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Friday, August 12, 2022

Zelensky Pictures Shared, Criticism Faced By Republicans Rubio And Denise

Sens. Marco Rubio of the Republicans and Steve Daines were heavily criticized for sharing the pictures of Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. These two were specifically asked not to share any pictures of Zelensky in the meeting for the safety of the country’s leader. 

Consequences Of Sharing Pictures Of Zelensky On Social Media

In the views of Dean Phillips, it was a reckless act and they showed ignorance by posting the screenshots of the zoom call meeting that was held on Saturday with numerous lawmakers. This meeting was dedicated to asking for more military help from the U.S. As per NBC News, the lawmakers were asked not to post or talk about the details of the meeting by the Ambassador of the U.S. for the protection of Zelensky.

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The two senates of the U.S. posted a picture on Twitter giving the caption that they were digital meeting with the President. Rubio’s spokesperson gave a statement rejecting the fact that the picture posted could cause any damage to the security of the President. In his words, the meeting had more than 160 Congress members, and anyone who was accusing that the picture caused security distress was just trying to gain attention. 

The President, Zelensky, later on, stated that in the meeting he discussed the war crimes that the Russian army is committing and asked for more sanctions against Moscow. He also discussed all the bombings in schools, living areas, churches, nuclear and chemical power plants. Zelensky insisted on stopping all the flights from the U.S. to Ukraine which was opposed by Biden and was termed as ‘catastrophic’ by the President of Russia, Putin. 

In the words of Putin, a lot of time is required to destroy all the defense systems of aviation, warehouses with ammunition and weapons and as it has already been conducted, Ukraine is trying for the no-fly zone policy. The confirmation of this news will be disastrous not only for Europe but also for the entire world. 

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