Camila Mendes And Rudy Mancuso Commemorate Their One Anniversary: The Song “Always in Our Own Little World”

Camila Mendes

Couple Camila Mendes is commemorating a year of her relationship with boyfriend Rudy Mancuso. In celebration of their anniversary, the Riverdale actress, 29, uploaded a photo on Instagram on Monday showing her kissing Rudy on his cheek and giving him an embrace. She wrote about how they were always in their little world. “Many more years to go, and one year down” In the comment area, Mancuso expressed his love by saying, “Amoooooooooor.”

In the Msica movie on Prime Video, which Mancuso wrote as well as directed, the two costarred. Mendes attracted attention in November 2022 when she posted a series of photos on her Instagram account that included a picture of Mancuso kissing and holding her. “Life update,” Camila Mendes wrote as the post’s caption.

Camila Mendes Opens Up On Maintaining Long Distance

The Riverdale actor has kept the specifics of her alleged romance a secret in the months that have followed. Camila Mendes didn’t make her relationship with Mancuso public until Valentine’s Day when she shared a picture of them sharing a kiss on Instagram. That month, Camila Mendes revealed her intentions for Valentine’s Day with the singer and online sensation as well as how she manages their romance in long-distance. Camila Mendes, who has offices in Vancouver and LA, admitted to the media that either she tries to take a flight or he makes an effort to fly as often as possible.

She said that she was flying back to Vancouver that night when asked about her plans for Valentine’s Day, she said that she would have to film throughout the week, but they had a cute FaceTime date. Long-range existence. Camila Mendes previously discussed her romantic life in a Going Mental podcast episode from January, but she chose not to identify her lover at the time.