For Family Camila McConaughey Skips Fashion Week To Stay Home And Dye Mother-In-Law’s Hair

Camila McConaughey

Camila McConaughey is accustomed to receiving expert makeup and hair services, but now, she had to be on the receiving end of the chair.

The 41-year-old model said on Instagram on Tuesday that she had chosen to miss Fashion Week in Paris to give Kay McConaughey, her mother-in-law’s hair a beautiful spin. She captioned a picture of herself using gloved hands to color Kay’s hair, saying that she was not in Paris but in a place that was quite interesting and trendy. She further added that family came first, praying for her hair not to fall out. Appointments for house calls were coming soon, she said in jest. Keep floating, my buddies.

Camila McConaughey And Kay McConaughey Are Quite The Companions

There is a strong link between Camila McConaughey and the mother of her spouse Matthew McConaughey, 91. In a March Instagram Live, the two collaborated and the author asked her for some advice. When asked to relate a childhood story she frequently shared with Matthew along with his brothers, she replied that she wished to say about that one saying which was recurrent at their house which was “Is the rose in the vase going to be visible to you, or will you just see the dust on the table?”

McConaughey was so moved by the remarks that he memorialized the lines in a particular way for his mother. He even put these words on a photo frame that hangs in his mother’s house over a mirror. Camila McConaughey frequently shares her videos and Kay on Instagram, giving followers an inside look at their endearing dynamic. She posted multiple films, featuring images of Kay’s balloons, flower arrangements, as well as plastic flamingos, to commemorate Kay’s 90th birthday in January 2022.