Rupert Grint Talks About His Shady Souvenir Hunting Around The Set Of Harry Potter

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint’s enthusiastic response to the prospect of a new Harry Potter film is charming and completely in character.

Talk of extending one of the most popular film series of all time can’t seem to die, and that’s not surprising in this day of constant reboots and revivals. Followers of the Wizarding World would enjoy an update on their favorite characters and the wondrous world that has captivated readers of all ages and walks of life for decades. The studio that stands to gain the most from this venture is, of course, on board as well.

Rupert Grint Stole Mementos From The Set

Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said the studio was eager to be involved in a new Harry Potter venture if J.K. Rowling was interested. Since so much time and money has already been invested in the franchise’s established canon and characters over the last two decades, its creators shouldn’t find it too challenging to bring it back or expand it. Rupert Grint reveals that he had to sneak into the “Harry Potter” set in order to steal a memento.

Getting a ‘Harry Potter’ memento included some “shady” dealings, as Rupert Grint remembers. The actor Rupert Grint talks about the “dubious” time he stole a Harry Potter memento from the set. In an interview with People magazine, Grint explained everything.

There he spoke about the Harry Potter filming souvenirs he had managed to get. He began his interview with the site by saying, “They were pretty strict.”

That happened despite the fact that “the previous several days, there have been security at the gates practically examining automobiles.” The former Harry Potter actor did, however, bring a huge memento home with him from the set: “the door number of Harry’s house.” Grint, providing some background on the successful snag, said, “I had to unscrew it.” What a murky situation.