Russell Brand Claims ‘Criminal’ Allegations Are False

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has denied allegations that he refers to as extremely serious and “criminal”. The allegations are related to “promiscuous” behavior that the comedian displayed in the past. On September 15th, the 48-year-old posted a new video on Instagram where he vehemently refused the claims. He called them extremely aggressive and egregious attacks.

Russell Brand Says There Is Nothing In The Claims

In the clip, Russell Brand explains that he has received two disturbing letters, one of which was an email. One came from a popular media company on mainstream TV. A newspaper sent the other one. Both cumulatively provided him with a list of aggressive and egregious attacks. He then goes on to say that among the list of baroque and astonishing attacks, there were some allegations that he has to categorically refute.

Russell Brand did not reveal the names of the newspaper or the TV media house. Regardless, the clip precedes a new Dispatches episode that conducts a special investigation on the current affairs in the United Kingdom. Before the show aired, several outlets in the UK reported Krishnan Guru-Murthy sparking speculation regarding the show’s contents. In an X post (that has been deleted since), Krishnan shared the show’s screenshot along with the caption, “Something’s up”.

In his video, Russell Brand continued by addressing the allegation’s timeframe. He insisted that every relationship the comedian was involved in during the claimed “promiscuity” period was consensual. He explained that the allegations talk about when he was working mainstream when he was involved with newspapers and movies. He claimed that he had already admitted to being extremely promiscuous during that time. However, he never engaged in anything remotely non-consensual during this time. Russell Brand claims to have been always transparent, and possibly too transparent.