Dionne Warwick Claims Music To Be Her Secret To Happiness

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is finally opening up about her tricks to keeping happy. In an interview that was released recently, the five-time Grammy winner went on to reveal that her inspiration still came from music itself- and that she got a great kick out of life from it. The 82-year-old singer told HELLO that life always excited her, and waking up in the morning and listening to music provided her with some incredible inspiration.

The legendary singer- for those who are wondering- is a guest vocalist on Postcards from Brazil, Volume Two- a new album by jazz pianist Todd Hunter. Speaking at the release party at the Urban Press Winery, Warwick informed the outlet that music was a healing force and that she could never imagine living in a world that didn’t have music.

Dionne Warwick Is Still Excited About Making Music Like She Did Previously

Dionne Warwick then went on to claim that music took people to a lot of places and also made them feel a certain variety of emotions- that would reflect the qualities of life. She told HELLO that she loved looking into the audience, as well as seeing smiles. She also loved it when someone would swing an arm around her and sing with her- for that would imply she was doing something right with her life. 

Dionne Warwick has further revealed she loves the work Hunter has put into his album, especially the name Brazil, a country she has considered home after living there for 25-odd years. At the same party, the singer of ‘I Say A Little Prayer’- who has already sold close to 100 million records over 60 years- told PEOPLE that she had a great time making music.