The Roman Empire Meme – What Does It Mean?


The internet seemingly has a newfound interest and it’s to do with something long lost to the ages – the Roman Empire. A new trend on TikTok is apparently taking over the minds of husbands, boyfriends, and males in general. The trend claims that a lot of them apparently have a fiery passion for the Roman Empire!

The Resurfacing Of The Roman Empire

Apparently, one of the topics, related to the Roman Empire that takes over minds is ‘Gladiator’, the movie. An explanation goes that the podcast by Joe Rogan is very popular. There, there is a trend of understanding ancient philosophies, such as stoicism, from a modern perspective. As such, searching for self-improvement and guidance actually dates back to the time of Marcus Aurelius and the Roman Empire.

Over the past couple of days, there have been too many posts containing #romanempire on the social media site. They have also collected several million views as well. A part of the views is women question the men that they know about how regularly they let their minds ponder the topic of the Roman Empire. A recent post showing a girlfriend asking her boyfriend about how often he thinks about the Roman Empire has been watched over 5.4million times.

At first, the partner looked amused. Then, he takes a bit of time to seriously think about the question. He then asks if she meant anything specific regarding the time period, to which the girlfriend replies that anything counts. He then says that he doesn’t do it very often. After that, the girlfriend asks about the last time he has thought about it, to which he replies that it was probably about a week or so ago. Shortly after this exchange was posted on September 13th, the females of TikTok took to confronting their partners about it.