Naomi Watts Has Reacted To Her Ex’s New Daughter, Claiming That They All Loved Her

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has taken to social media to celebrate the birth of her former lover Liev Schrieber’s daughter. The 55-year-old actor and his wife Taylor Neisen recently welcomed a baby girl the previous month, and after announcing the news on Instagram on Wednesday, the star of Ray Donovan also shared quite a few pictures of the newborn- and his 54-year-old ex was quick to congratulate the couple on the new arrival.

In the comment section of the post, Naomi Watts stated that they all loved baby Hazel. In the caption of the post which also included an adorable picture of the baby girl holding onto Schreiber’s thumb, along with an adorable close-up of the baby’s foot, the actor also put out his daughter’s full name- along with the details of her birth. 

Liev Schreiber. Naomi Watts’ Ex, Welcomes The Birth Of Child

Liev Schrieber wrote that he was very happy with the birth of his daughter, and she had arrived early in the morning of 27th August- and Hazel has been a dream for them ever since. Both the mother and the daughter were extremely happy and healthy, and the actor did take the time to thank everyone for their love and support. His wife, Neisen, also put out her own Instagram where she celebrated the birth of their daughter.  

In the comments section, Naomi Watts also revealed the joy that she felt at the birth of her ex’s baby. Watts and Schreiber had been together for close to 11 years before they split up in 2016 and share children Kai and Sasha. At the time of the split, the couple put out a joint statement stating that over the last few months they had come to the conclusion that the best way ahead would be to separate themselves as a couple- for that would be the only way to make sure their family still survives.