Sarah Jessica Parker Says That She Avoided Nude Scenes

sarah jessica parker

The n*de scenes for Sex and the City and its reboot show And Just Like That couldn’t be filmed because Sarah Jessica Parker was “too shy.”

Sarah Jessica Parker, the Golden Globe winner, 58, who has been playing relationship analyst Carrie Bradshaw in television programs since 1998, maintained it was not a “morality thing” that she remained covered up although her co-star Kim Cattrall frequently went nude on the series. She continued, “I think I just never felt safe exposing myself that way.” Sarah Jessica Parker emphasized, though, “I never had any criticism about someone else doing it.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Was Never Comfortable With Nude Scenes

Along with Kim Cattrall’s 66-year-old n*de performance as a s*x-obsessed PR agent in “SATC,” While portraying their respective roles Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York, Samantha Jones, Cynthia Nixon, 57, and Kristin Davis, 58, also participated in the naked filming. In May 2022, Kim admitted to Variety that she “filled her quota” of on-screen nudity and is “just not interested” any longer.

Cynthia said to Entertainment Tonight that she was “pretty game” for sex scenes, noting that “sex is one of the key topics of the program. People engaging in sexual activity, including those enjoying amusing, awful, and amazing sex. According to Kristin, she felt “panicky” during filming certain “extremely stressful” naked sequences, which she acknowledged to the Daily Mail.