Savannah Chrisley’s Cry For Help Was Like Many 

savannah chrisley

 The 25 years old finally opened up about her mental health. She was suicidal and did try once. Savannah Chrisley isn’t Perhaps happy about her decision but she isn’t ashamed either. She was suffering which no one paid attention to. She wouldn’t consider it a life-and-death situation. However, it was a cry for help indeed.

She was a teenager and like all the teenagers she didn’t have much knowledge. It was ten years ago. Right after her family started shooting for the reality show. Things affected her in ways she couldn’t even recall most of them.

Savannah Chrisley’s Parents Gave Her The Love She Needed 

She was heard and seen. After the life-threatening stunt, she pulled. Savannah Chrisley said she remembers waking up in the hospital. She lied to the doctor at the time of the crisis. Otherwise, she would be held in the hospital.

Savannah Chrisley considers this phase as a mere hiccup. She mentioned she is not crazy at all. It was a bad time. All of a sudden engaging with the world media left a huge impact on her no doubt. Her dad used to spend hours with her to get her to talk. He shared his own life stories to boost her morale.

Joel Osteen saved Savannah Chrisley from severe depression. He reached out to them, and she cannot thank him enough. She is there because of him. He changed the definition of God in Savannah Chrisley’s life. One moment she was angry with God the very next moment she said try me. She asked God to put her through the worst to get the best. Perhaps those days are the reason for her character now. The kind of a person she has become. She has conquered fear.