James Marsden Was Soaking In Vitamin Sea Near The French Coast

james marsden

Someone practicing his diving skill on the French Coast. Summer has started so is the dipping in the sea. James Marsden was seen testing his diving skill in southern French. He was alone and enjoying each day of the summer. Perhaps displaying his Greek god physique was part of the summer.

He was wearing a blue short with wet hair. That special hair of his brothers made him extremely happy. He said that himself if it wasn’t for his job. He would have cut it short. He hates managing his hair.

James Marsden Prefers His ‘Me’ Time

He is currently on summer vacation in southern french. James Marsden is staying at the Eden Roc cap d’antibes. Hotel Antibes in France. He was spending time by himself. Indeed quality time. He has previously mentioned in interviews he badly prefers his Me time. It lets him think properly. Away from the chaos.

James Marsden played alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook as Cyclops. Again in the most praised X men’s series. In 2007 Hairspray as Corny Collins. He is 49 years old yet has his charm intact.

James Marsden was recently seen in Amazon freevee’s Jury Duty. He served as a juror during the trial. He was also seen in Party Down. Some of his notable and renewed works are Disenchanted, which is a sequel to 2007’s Enchanted. The latest one streamed on Disney+. Again in Sheriff’s character in his latest Hedgehog sequel. He is never resting at home.

James Marsden is often asked about his hair. The female admires his hair more than his physique. He confessed he is not much of a hair kind of guy. He likes it short. He is forced to keep his hair long because of his profession. A guy in LA takes care of his hair. Sometimes it is unmanageable and he hates it. It usually gets in the way while working. He considered it as a destruction.