Soulmates Reunited, Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Are Giving Each Other Another Chance

danielle ruhl

It was a soulmate connection from the very first moment. Danielle Ruhl has found her way back to Nick Thompson. It has been difficult without him. She was unable to find comfort with other people, rather she didn’t want to find comfort.

Love is Blind the Netflix show has increased a lot of her anxieties. She has been taking care of herself ever since. They are not officially together, but both of them are giving each other another chance to make it work.

Nick Thompson is aware of Ruhl’s life experiences and everything. There is no way she would have connected with anyone.

Unpleasant Experience Tied Danielle Ruhl Tied With Ex

Love is Blind, the only survivors were Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson. According to Receive Ruhl there were experiences that were not friendly at all. Which the love is blind directors or crew completely deny.

Nick Thompson was completely aware of what Danielle Ruhl was going through. He saw her going through trouble and how they triggered her. However, in spite of those he reached out to her. Perhaps it took a lot of drinks to do so. He wouldn’t have the courage to do that sober.

They both have real conversations until 5 am in the morning. It was after that Danielle Ruhl realized time stood still. However, they were way ahead of time. For eight hours straight they cried. It was the conversation they both needed badly. Nick Thompson said it lifted a tightness from the heart. He felt stuck before that. 

They said things they couldn’t have said without being drunk. Thus alcohol plays a huge role when you need courage. It’s not even a year since they filed for divorce.