Scott Evans Gets Candid About His Relationship With Chris Pratt

Scott Evans

There are several ways for you to come out publicly: in person, by letter, on social media, via skywriting, or, if you’re Scott Evans, by mistake being revealed to the world by Captain America.

Chris Evans’ younger brother Scott Evans remembered the incident in which Chris was unintentionally outed. Evans originally discussed his secret coming out in an interview for Attitude with Jujubee (yep, the drag sensation). He began by telling his sister, then his mother, and lastly, Chris, his brother. Scott reflected, “I was really lucky that I didn’t experience any type of drama or shock. 

Scott Evans Loves His Brother

Chris didn’t think it was a huge deal to reveal his brother being homosexual in an interview with The Advocate years later because it was such a low-key coming out. At the time, Chris was said to have a gay sibling by Perez Hilton, and the actor verified this. I do have a gay sibling, yes. I’m cool with gay people. I mostly hang out with him and his f***ing gay friends. It’s amusing. They are the most hilarious people I know, he said.

Chris didn’t realize he could have provided too much information until the interview ended. Scott Evans, thankfully, didn’t seem unhappy. I was a pretty out person at that point and had been on a soap show. I choose to do it, Scott replied.

And people claim that it has improved. It isn’t. It’s improved, but not significantly, he said. “But I was out because I was more concerned with my own wellbeing and mental health. Only because he is well-known is why it appeared as though he had exposed me. Anyone who knew me was aware. Nothing about me is hidden.