Kyle Richards Has Given Herself A Second Life

kyle richards

The real housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards marked the date on the calendar of her sobriety journey. She has stepped away from social media for a long time. She prioritized her mental health over anything. And the haters have already started poking fun at her. The new Kyle is made of strong willpower, and she has bashed all the hatred within minutes. A new trend that has taken the bravo world by storm is Ozempic. Every star has been a fan of it. A drug that helps people lose weight.

She is back to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, thus eliminating all the toxic foreign chemicals.

Kyle Richards Going In A Opposite Direction Of  The Flow

Everyone thought she was one of those people who followed trends. Kyle Richards is rather grateful for the life she has given herself after spending months in rehab. She has hatred towards any drugs now. All she cares about is being real. She now goes to the gym.

Someone in the comment section mentioned that she abused the drug without prior knowledge. Kyle Richards bashed those comments saying how that person should not spread lies about her. She doesn’t even know her.

She further mentioned trying out the trendiest drugs won’t help anyone with the kind of muscle she has.

Some others fuelled the hate comment by saying Kyle Richards shouldn’t be lying about losing weight. The world knows about her addiction struggle; she suddenly lost 50 lbs.

If she had confessed the truth, followers would have praised her more. However, she didn’t stay quiet. She clapped back, saying she was done explaining to strangers.

Kyle Richards responded to a fan’s question if she still gets the urge to drink. She replied she very rarely gets mocktails, but she had a non-alcoholic beer this summer.