Andy Cohen Curious To Know All The Secrets Of Weightloss

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All the ladies of Real Housewives are getting ready for the summer. TV writer Gary Janetti posted a joke on his Instagram page, mentioning How real Housewives stars are taking Ozempic. His post read, “This summer on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Ozempic. Ozempic is a drug that helps people with further weight loss. And the summer is here. Therefore, the season of Ozempic.

Andy Cohen replied to that post of Gary Janetti like a boomer. He replied It’s already airing. The FDA-approved drug is the showstopper of the summer in Hollywood. They are winning. It has become a trend.

The Locker Room Talk With Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has been the best listener. He has provided all the ladies with a safe space to talk about anything they are comfortable with.

The talk show becomes the locker room where they spill teas and share secrets, including their power and insecurities.

Andy Cohen previously sat down with Dolores Catania. And she explained how Ozempic had helped her. She precisely mentioned she wouldn’t have come to the reunion looking bigger than everyone. She is 52, and she is more conscious than everyone. She needed to look hot and glamorous, and she did.

Last year in September, Andy Cohen tweeted how everyone started looking 25 pounds lighter recently. The tweet was retweeted within minutes, perhaps a thousand times.

Cohen further asked if she experienced any bad or good side effects, and she said no. All she could experience was hunger.

Dolores Catania has recovered from an eating disorder. And she has been vocal about it all the way. She has concluded her body image perception and said there is nothing wrong to want losing weight. But one can gain weight pretty quickly.

In last year’s tweet, Andy Cohen sounded worried when he mentioned what the world would look like without Ozempic. It has become a delicate topic.