Proudest Father Michael Strahan

michael strahan

His daughters are grown-up, soon joining the real world. Michael Strahan, the host of Good Morning America, posted a milestone of his daughters. Yet with a tearful eye and joy full of heart. Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan recently graduated high school, a big achievement. They are already prepared to leave home and become an independent woman.

Their father is sad and excited at the same time. His daughter Isabella Strahan is soon to be moving to California. She got into the University of Southern California. He is indeed a proud dad. He couldn’t hold his excitement. He had to let the world know immediately, and he posted a photo on Instagram.

Father Of Four, Michael Strahan, Learns Something New Everyday

The former NFL player and current Good Morning America host, Michael Strahan, has two daughters with ex-wife Jean Muggli. And Tanita and Michale Junior with his first wife, Wanda Hutchins. He has successfully maintained his father’s duties to all of them.

Now two of his daughter is off to college. And he couldn’t control the excitement.

A few days ago, Michael Strahan announced Sophia Strahan is going to Duke University soon. They all celebrated her success together.

Now it’s Isabella’s turn. Michael Strahan posted a photo. He is celebrating Isabella’s success now. A USC logo cake with Isabella sitting behind. She is wearing a white dress.

Strahan wrote out high school in another post, straight to USC. He mentioned Isabella as intelligent, beautiful, and hard-working. And like every father, he cannot wait for her to shine. Michael Strahan used a hashtag, wrote girldad.

Strahan also said he is letting all his kids be themselves. Despite their difficulties, they must not forget to have fun. They need to be themselves. Being a dad of four, he learned many unique lessons from them. He is still learning them every day.