Whitney Cummings Shocks Everyone With Her Pregnancy

Whitney Cummings

In a touching Instagram post, comedian Whitney Cummings announced that she is expecting a child.

“I am expecting. I also have a baby inside of me. Coming in December: a human puppy. I might trip and fall a few times, but all your dates for 2023 are still happening,” she added. Cummings, 40, has always been upfront about wanting children and announced in 2016 that she had frozen her eggs to avoid only dating to find a partner to have a kid with.

Whitney Cummings Is Ecstatic

“I feel like I was dating individuals just because I was on a deadline,” Whitney Cummings said to Vanity Fair in 2016. She spoke candidly about wanting to have children in February.

“Look, here’s the thing, all right. There’s no rush because I have all the time in the world to have children naturally, but I did freeze my eggs. Are any husbands here? Are any New Yorkers interested? She joked. She didn’t reveal the baby’s father when she revealed she was pregnant by flaunting her bump in tiny grey shorts and a crop top. 

Whitney Cummings also didn’t say whether she intended to pull a Mindy Kaling and give birth to the child by herself. In 2021, Cummings dated vet Alex Barnes. She made jokes about the relationship, so it seemed like things were quite serious.

“I wish to be the one who gets to propose to the person I’m dating. You see, I’m 39. She remarked, “I don’t have time for him to organize a f**king scavenger hunt proposal. “Alex, since you can’t afford the engagement ring I want, will you make me the happiest girl in the world and let me purchase my own?” If she exposes the father, we’ll have to wait and see. Many of her famous friends posted happy updates on Instagram in the meanwhile.