Alum Of “General Hospital” Sean Blakemore: Hollywood Can Lock One Inside About Having To “Struggle” For An Opportunity

Sean Blakemore

As a man of color in the industry, Sean Blakemore has been more candid about his experience. At the season 2 launch of the program on Wednesday, the actor from Cruel Summer, 55, exclusively revealed to the media that he needs to struggle for an opportunity even now in this industry.

Performers of color still are battling for “pay parity” and “equality of voice” to avoid playing particular characters or being typecast in particular sorts of parts because they were past that, according to Sean Blakemore, who portrays Sheriff Jack Myer on the Freeform series. He also stated that they were everything.

Sean Blakemore Opened Up On The Problem Of Type-Casting That People Of Color Have To Endure

The former Shawn Butler on the ABC soap series General Hospital talked about how important it is to be able to change into a variety of roles. He continued that type-casting was very real and people of color can often fall victim to it. Sean Blakemore further spoke about being a diverse performer as a man who is African American — who is tall and dark-skinned. “And you must combat that. Additionally, you must ensure that people perceive you as more than just a powerful image.”

In addition, Sean Blakemore wants to educate his audience to look at the “diverse layers” that he and other Black actors have by shattering the preconceptions that are prevalent in the field. Sean Blakemore portrays the town sheriff in Cruel Summer who is looking into a strange death when a body turns up in the lake. Blakemore attributes the popularity of the program to its “character growth.”

“I adore projects that emphasize the development of characters because a stronger tale results from character growth. And with growth, there are so many turns since it’s a secret that makes for a wonderful tale and increases your level of investment.