Selena Gomez Vows To Never Again Become A Meme

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, the 31-year-old actress and singer, stated that she “never” wishes to create a moment that goes viral on the internet ever again on her story on Instagram on September 12th. She wrote that she would never become a meme again. The star of Only Murders in the Building had just appeared at the MTV VMAs 2023 the night before posting. She continued by explaining that she would rather be completely still than get mocked for being herself. She ended it by wishing the readers love.

Selena Gomez Has A Problematic Relationship With The Internet

In the previous month, Selena Gomez had become a meme subject when a picture showing her completely wrapped inside a warm, cozy blanket while she looked away at a distance, in deep contemplation. The recent post most probably follows the reaction to that picture. On the internet, the blanket image went viral. Fans had compared Gomez to a host of stereotypical characters and scenes. This included the Titanic’s final scene where Rose lets Jack’s hand go, a Big Little Lies scene, as well as a character who has just gone through a horror film.

Dominic J West, Selena Gomez’s friend, had originally taken the candid photograph. West had shared the picture on his story on Instagram during the August 13th-14th weekend. When the picture went viral, Selena Gomez responded by sharing her two favorite memes on Instagram, according to Elle. Both of them had reference to the morose look being sarcastically pointed out in her picture.

Earlier in September, the singer of “Calm Down” had gone viral once more for her astonished reaction to Lionel Messi’s, soccer player, performance during a match in Los Angeles. John McCarthy, the goalkeeper, had just blocked a close effort by the Argentinian superstar on September 3rd.