Serena Williams And Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Olympia Create Their Own Star Wars Lightsabers

Serena Williams

Olympia, Serena Williams’ daughter, is connecting with the force. The 42-year-old, 23-time grand slam tennis star and her 6-year-old daughter seemed to visit one of Disney’s amusement parks’ Galaxy’s Edge, where they could make and wield their own Star Wars lightsabers. On her Instagram Story, she gave fans a peek at their travels, showing them entering the lightsaber workshop and receiving instruction from the lightsaber master on constructing their own laser swords, a la the classic Star Wars films

In the next video, Williams was seen selecting her red kyber crystal from a selection of crystals handed out by a worker. “You got red like me, because that one is, like, the darkest,” her daughter said. The tennis player also posted a picture of her setup, including the different components of the lightsaber she had put together. She uploaded a picture of her hand using the lightsaber after finishing the procedure, then she stepped aside while one of the employees inserted her lightsaber into a machine.

Serena Williams Does Not Hesitating About Being Open About The Challenges Of Being A Mother

Olympia confidently replied, “Yes!” when the lightsaber master inquired, “Are you ready? Williams demonstrated how her little daughter held the sword in her hands and rotated it as it switched on; her daughter’s lightsaber became red, but Williams turned blue. 

When Williams swung her own blue lightsaber aloft, the Olympian moved the camera to her kid, who appeared a bit disappointed, adding, “I thought you got red.” The two proceeded to wave their lightsabers in the air. Serena Williams, who is married to software entrepreneur husband Alexis Ohanian and has two daughters, Olympia and Adira, age three months, is frequently spotted having fun with them, but she also doesn’t hesitate to be open about the challenges of being a mother.