Shannen Doherty Marriage Fell Apart Because Of Another Woman

shannen doherty

Shannen Doherty’s marriage was a bit crowded. There were three people involved in it. Made it suffocating for a particular one to remain in it.

It was Doherty who filed for divorce from her husband Kurt Iswarienko. She felt exhausted. He pretty much didn’t leave many options for her to choose from.

She reached the dead end and called it quits on her part. She remained longer than she should have. Things happened recently. They separated in January this year. However, Kurt didn’t respond to any of the comments made against him or to him.

Cancer Did Brought Shannen Doherty And Her Husband Closer, Another Female Entity Broke Them

In 2019 Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She was immediately treated. Later she showed her gratitude to god. Perhaps it was cancer that brought her and her husband Kurt Iswarienko closer. It was the solid bar that made their relationship stronger. Back then she said, “Cancer solidified us”.

After getting better Doherty mentioned she and Kurt have much more appreciation for each other. They have gained a new perspective of each other for each other. Shannen Doherty’s third marriage went down the hill.

They got married in 2011. They share no children, however, she has asked for spousal support. Shannen Doherty specifically asked not to be rewarded to her husband Kurt Iswarienko. There is no trace of prenup whatsoever. Shannen Doherty’s last two marriages lasted for a short period.

Kurt Iswarienko was the one who gave efforts to keep it working. Divorce was the last thing on her mind. Although Kurt did not leave her with much of an option. Other than divorce. Another woman was involved in this marriage according to Shannen Doherty.